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20+ Cute and Beautiful Baby Photos

Photographers are always looking for some great moments to capture. Babies Photography has always been an interesting topic for the Photographers. The small and new life growing up attracts the photographers as well as the viewers. The innocence and cuteness of such photos make the viewers flat. Cuteness is the state related to babies, and such cuteness is proven helpful in cheering ones mood. Whenever someone is stressed or depressed playing with babies or even watching the images of cute babies makes the mood relaxed.
Photographers are always in struggle to capture the right moment. In babies photography capturing right moments is not that easy because it depends on babies, who cant be taught how to pose and what expression to portray. Its all natural and beautiful. Here we are sharing some of the best Baby Photos which you'll Love to see and Enjoy.
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Beautiful and Cute Baby Photos

Rock Star



M' Hungry



Baby Feet 



I'm Cute



Cute Baby


Baby Sleeping



Ready to Bath



Oo. Its Bathing Time



Refreshing Time






Angry Face



Flying Super Girl



Grey Eyes Baby



Blue Eyes Baby





Friends Forever



Baby Drinking Water



Baby Thinking



Halloween Kid



Baby Grip



Cute Baby with Grey Eyes


How to Secure Personal Information on Facebook Profile

Including networking and making new friends, Facebook has benefited almost all of us in a way or another, from being socially connected to finding the old friends that we all have lost. Facebook also helped many of the businesses to grow and gain market share through online presence in form of Business Fan Pages. Facebook is Fun to use as we find lot of interesting and diversified stuff  at one place, but at the same time using Facebook without and security measures can be turned into a worst nightmare. The personal information given in your Facebook Profile is the critical info, which if gone in wrong hands can bring a disaster to your life. There is nothing more irritating than giving your personal information publicly to everyone you even don't know.
With having thousands of friends over the Facebook account, it is very difficult to know all of them personally. There are some of the things you must do so that you can secure your personal information and keep your privacy. Some of the information should not appear on your profile, not even to Friends.
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Facebook has changed your Primary Contact E-Mail without Notification, Click Here to Revert Back to your desired one

Things You Should Hide from Facebook Profile 

 Primary E-Mail

Primary E-Mail is the e-mail address that you use to Log-In to your Facebook account. This is the first thing that should not appear onto your Facebook Profile. A couple of days back I noticed that someone tried to access my Facebook account and tried to reset my Facebook Password. If I already had hidden my Primary E-Mail from my Profile, the person tried to access my Facebook Account wouldn't have attempted this. Hiding your primary E-Mail from your Profile is the first thing to secure your Facebook Account from being hacked and secure your personal information.

Personal/Home Address

Leaving your home address open for everyone on internet is not a good idea. It doesn't make any sense. You might have 100's of friends in your friends list but  this isn't necessary you know all of them personally. What if the person you don't wish to see suddenly knocks at your door, telling you that he got your address from your Facebook Profile. I guess there is nothing more annoying as compared to this. 

Personal Mobile/Land-line Number

Unwanted SMS marketing is the most annoying thing that you can face on your cell phone. Some times you surprise from where they get our personal contact number. One of the source is Facebook Profile, where many of the users leave their cell number open to all. This leads to unwanted SMS and sometime weirdest Prank Calls on your number. Your cell number visibility should be set to Friends, only and only if your friends list is limited to the one you trust and know personally. In case you have 100's of friends that include the ones you don't know personally as many of us have, the visibility should be set to Only Me.

Best Security Tools for Windows Based Computer Systems

Being user friendly and easy to use Microsoft Windows Operating System is one of the most popular and famous OS used by computer users. Everyone who uses computer system wants his PC Virus Free and free from Trojan Attacks and other threats. A couple of months back FBI Issued a warning "Disinfect Computers from DNS Changer or Risk Internet Access". We shared this news with our readers and shared some ways to avoid this attack. According to rough and unofficial guess about 2.5 million internet users have been affected by this DNS Changer Trojan.
We also have shared the Top Most Security Suites for your Windows based Computer Systems. Today we are sharing some light weight and simple Security Tools for Windows Based PC's. Tons of Free Security Tools are out there in market and spread all over the Internet, but knowing which one is the best option to be used onto your PC's is a difficult task. Therefore to ease your difficulty Software Wanted (SW) has compiled a list of Windows Best Security Tools. This list is compiled based on user reviews, and is not mentioning the Security Tools in some order. All of the below mentioned Windows Security Tools are almost the same with little bit exceptions, which make them distinguished from each other. All of the tools mentioned below work great on Windows 7 and also give Amazing results on other versions of Windows too.
There are some more light weight softewares that can be helpful in increasing the speed of your computer systems. To Increase Your Computer System Speed Click HERE.
We have also share a Premium App for your computer systems to Speed Up your computer experience 3-4 times by downloading ASULOGICS BOOTSPEED 5 for Free.

Best Security Tools for Windows Based Operating System


The most commonly used and very handy and effective software to speed up PC is CCleaner. Earlier this was known as Crap Cleaner, which is now short to CCleaner. This is a widely used tool that removes the unwanted and useless junk files. Temporary Internet Files are also the reason for making your computer system speed slow. This software also removes these unwanted Temporary internet files.


SUPERAntiSpyware provides you with the very advanced and efficient Virus Threat Protection features like Quick, Complete and Custom Scanning of Hard Drives, Removable Drives, Memory, and Registry. Automatic Updates check for program and definition updates every 8 hours. Detects and Removes Adware, Malware, Dialers, Worms, Spyware,  Trojans, KeyLoggers, HiJackers and many other types of threats. Repair broken Internet Connections


Ad-Aware is one of the best and light weight Security Tools for Windows Operating Systems, which has already been downloaded more than 400 Million times, and is being downloaded by many of the new users. Fast Virus Removal, Download Protection and Automatic Free Updates Make this Most Wanted Security Tool for Windows based Computers. This tool provides real-time protection, a rootkit removal system, e-mail scanning and automatic updates etc to make sure that you are protected online.

Top 5 Antivirus and Security Suites for Windows 8

Windows 8 will be soon in market. Windows Operating System lovers are waiting for the release of Windows 8 to give it a try. Microsoft has already released the Beta Version of Windows 8, which is a re-imagined and reinvented version from the Windows 7 speed and reliability. People who used this newly released consumer Preview Version of Windows 8 has loved it.
Click Here to Download the Best Windows 8 Metro Optimized Apps
As with the new resources, new precautions have to be taken. So, choosing the optimal security solution for Windows 8 will be a bit bit difficult task. From the huge security products and competing market looking for the Best Antivirus and Security Suites for 8 is difficult. Software Wanted has hand picked and analyzed the best of the available Security Suites and Antivirus for users to be installed on their Windows 8 Operating System.

Best Antivirus and Security Suites for Windows 8

BullGuard Antivirus 12

BullGuard Antivirus 12 succeeded to be one of the best Antivirus in market according to users review. This is a complete security package for Computer system, including safe browsing over the internet. This Antivirus detects and removes the Virus that comes in several deceitful forms. Using the cutting edge technology “Behavioral Detection” BullGuard detects and removes the Virus and makes your device a protected and safe zone to be used and experienced.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2013

BitDefender Plus 2013 “The Essential Silent Security”. As the product’s tag line “The Essential Silent Security” suggests that this is the antivirus that works in background and makes your online web browsing completely secure and protected. This is Best Antivirus Award Winning Windows Based Security Application. The AutoPilot feature a BitDefender makes it unique from others, it means no popups, nothing to configure and no alerts, it defends against virus and spywares. It also gives warning when user is about to open a risky website. In Short this is The Best Antivirus available in market

Kaspersky Antivirus 2012

It is considered to be the backbone of computer’s security. Its easy to use and customizable features make it the most powerful and strongest shield against new emerging threats and virus. It work quietly in background without disturbing your usage and takes very less of working memory while protecting you against deadliest viruses. It automatically scans all websites and emails before downloading into your PC. These are the features that made this Antivirus popular and effective and most importantly The Best.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5

ESET NOD 32 5 Antivirus is an above average malware and virus protection software, ideal for Laptops and Gaming Systems. This Antivirus provides protection against new threats with its latest features. Using its Award Winning ESET Threat Sensing Technology. This antivirus promises uncompromising performance that provides shield against Spywares and Latest Virus.

AVG Antivirus

One of the effective and smart Antivirus available in Antivirus Market. Its regular and free updates are the features that ensure the protection of your system against Online browsing virus, Malware and Spywares. This is the Antivirus that is used by more than 100 Million users across globe. No.1 threat detection and easy to install and use are one of the top features of AVG Antivirus

5 Most Addictive Android Games of All Times

As other products of Google like Google Chrome, Google Drive and others, Google's Android Operating System is growing exponentially. Millions of Apps for Android Smart OS have already been published. Now this is not only an Operating System for Mobile Phones but a lot more than just an operating system. The personal entertainment center and personal assistant that takes care of your each and every work. You can watch movies, play games, listen to your favorite music, download videos, games, and many more. There are thousands of games already available in the Android Market for your entertainment, but choosing from huge piles of available games is very difficult task. We have reviewed many games and compiled a list of All Times Top Android Game based on users reviews and choice. These games have been proved to be addictive to users.

All Times Most Addictive Games for Android Users

Angry Birds

As expected, No game other than Angry Birds can be on the top position in this race. Angry Birds has been found as the Most Addictive Game of All Times, by ROVIO Mobiles Ltd. The best HD and simple game, liked by all age gamers. To Download Free Angry Birds Premium Click Here


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

Asphalt 6 is a game that is resource demanding and doesn't run on normal Android OS enabled devices, but at the same time is one of the best and top most favorite games with its Amazing Game Play and 3D Graphics. This game might not be play on low-end devices yet this is one of the best Android Racing Games available in the market 


Tank Hero

Fight against enemy Tanks through the dangerous arena. Smash Out the opponents with your cannons and become the Tank Hero. This has been found one the very favorite and most addictive Android Games that you wont put down.


One of the best Helicopter Fighting Simulation games that you will not want to leave for a single moment. The most favorite and top most addictive android games is C.H.A.O.S. This game can be played using the motion sensitivity of your Android Device as well as using the Finger Touch on your Smart Device Screen. This game responds to both the Touch and Motion of the Device. This game allows the player to step into the pilot's shoes and experience the Air Assault. This is the best Simulation game that give you almost the realistic Helicopter Fighting Experience. Gain experience, defeat your enemy,  maintain Ariel supremacy and upgrade your helicopter. In short this is the best and favorite most Android Air Combat Game to be experienced.

Dead Space

The Masterpiece of Sci-Fi Games for Android Games has arrived in the Market under the name Dead Space. Grab it to experience the rich Audio Experience and Amazing Game Play on your Smart Android Devices.This is clearly one of the top most favorite games for Android Today with bloodcurdling events supported with high audio experience and best game play.

Another Facebook Privacy Blunder: Primary Contact Email Changed

As always Facebook has once again made some privacy changes in User's Accounts without notifying or informing them. All primary E-Mails in User's Contact Info has been forced to @Facebook.com As there was not a single message to users informing them about such changes, it seems another Privacy Blunder from Facebook Team. They have replaced user's contact E-mail from User's Specified to Facebook Internal E-Mail from User's Profile Info.
The primary E-Mail address that you have set for Facebook notifications other Facebook Account related emails is still the same, but the one that is shown on your profile as your Contact E-Mail has been replaced without your permission,
as always. What if I’m not visiting Facebook for a whole month and the only email through which I can be contacted happens to be Facebook’s internal email that I’m not even using?  If you wish to keep this hidden or replace the contact email on your profile with a real email address, follow this quick fix. 
1. Go to your profile and click About.
2. Go down to Contact Info and click on Edit
4. Scroll down to your email addresses
5. Click on the tiny circle next to your Facebook email and set to Hidden from Timeline
6. Click the circle on your other email and set to Shown on Timeline

7. Scroll down and hit the Save button.

Windows 7 logon Background changer

When windows 7 arrive at first  it bring many new option and tools for the user who always wanted to customize their computer appearance at different levels. this utility 'windows 7 log on changer' is dedicated to those people who become bored of same old blue shaded log on screen of windows 7.  it gives users complete control over appearance of windows log on back ground in very simple and user friendly GUI based system no worries and no complicated DOS command or registry editors. just select your directory of wallpapers and it gives you the preview in real time how ur pic look like in actual log on.
It does NOT change any system file, and the program itself does not requires admin rights to run : it will just ask you to run as admin a very simple cmd file that creates the required folder and registry key with the appropriate rights. Any user of the computer will then be able to change the Windows 7 logon screen wallpaper. 
It works with Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise and Starter, in x86 or x64 (32 or 64 bits)

5 Useful & Free Android Applications for Designers

Smartphones are capable enough to get your any kind of work easily and effectively. Especially when the Smartphone are Android OS based devices, which can carry tons of Applications perform almost each task for you. These smart phones are perfect for the users who love to personalize their devices to their optimal usage level. Android Smartphones can carry Apps that are able to serve for various specialized purposes, one of which is Digital Art.
Playing with images, editing them, re-colorize, re-sizing, image retouching are the most commonly used area in Digital Art, that almost every Smart Phone user work on. Today at Software Wanted (SW) you can read about the Best Image Editing Android Apps for Designers.

Best Image Editing Android Apps for Designers

Colorizer Effect Lite

Colorizer Effect Lite is an amazing Android Application that allows you to change the colored image into Black n white / Grey scale image and then you can selectively highlight the areas of your Favorite Image 
Colorizer Effect Lite allows you to change a color image on your phone to a gray-scale (or black and white) image and then selectively highlight areas of the original photograph to leave in full color.

Glow Paint

Want to make Beautiful and Amazing Glow Art, Glow Paint is the best and nice Android Application. Glow Paint is an application simulating glow or neon painting on the touch screen of your mobile phone. 
This Application includes the following features, 3 glow sizes and strength, 10 glow colors, 5 glow brushes, 25 templates, 5 backgrounds patterns, eraser, undo/redo, saving created image as a file, set as wallpaper or share with friends

Photo Grid

Photo Grid is a useful and amazing App that converts your favorite Photos collection into amazing and beautiful collages. Using this Photo Grid Android App you can also share your created collages on different platforms like Twitter, Facebook Gmail and Instagram.
This is an amazing and useful Designer's Application that lets you to move, rotate, swap, zoom-inn, zoom-out under Edit Mode.

BeFunky Photo Editor

The most popular and favorite Online Image Editing Application "BeFunky Photo Editor" is now available for your Smart Android Phones. Using this Imagery Editing Application you can apply Special Effects, Add beautiful Frames to your favorite Images. This the powerful Image Editing Application with with several and marvelous frames.

Magic Canvas

Magic Canvas is an Android App that allows Android Users to change colors of specified areas from their images with a scalable brush. This also allows to apply masks and colored view options.

Download CyberLink Power DVD 12 Ultra Free

Power DVD 12 is the best and one of the perfect universal media player that extends your viewing experience beyond just movies on PCs. This player is one of the Top Video Players, also Plays Blu-Ray Movies. Power DVD is the number one choice for media entertainment on PCs and the only player software you need for all your media content and entertainment devices. Power DVD 12 plays all types of media content – movies, videos, photos and music, and brings the best in video and audio technologies to upgrade all your viewing experience to HD and 3D, including streamed content via home network, or, Youtube, Facebook and Flickr pages.
it introduces a unique feature to turn 2D Blu-ray movies into 3D in real time. Re-watch your all-time favorite Blu-ray titles again in 3D with TrueTheater 3D! Throw yourself right into the action by converting 2D photos and videos into a super cool 3D experience with True-Theater 3D.
CyberLink PowerDVD Ultre 12.0.1312.54 Final Includes Core-Key maker. Download from the link given below and Install the software. To register withe Core-Key Maker you need to Run the key maker as Admin.
- Download Update Patch & install it. 
- Come back this topic & reply if u like :)
Download Power DvD 12 : Rapid-share, Netload 
Update Patch to Version v12.0.1618.54: Rapid-share, Netload