Another Facebook Privacy Blunder: Primary Contact Email Changed

As always Facebook has once again made some privacy changes in User's Accounts without notifying or informing them. All primary E-Mails in User's Contact Info has been forced to @Facebook.com As there was not a single message to users informing them about such changes, it seems another Privacy Blunder from Facebook Team. They have replaced user's contact E-mail from User's Specified to Facebook Internal E-Mail from User's Profile Info.
The primary E-Mail address that you have set for Facebook notifications other Facebook Account related emails is still the same, but the one that is shown on your profile as your Contact E-Mail has been replaced without your permission,
as always. What if I’m not visiting Facebook for a whole month and the only email through which I can be contacted happens to be Facebook’s internal email that I’m not even using?  If you wish to keep this hidden or replace the contact email on your profile with a real email address, follow this quick fix. 
1. Go to your profile and click About.
2. Go down to Contact Info and click on Edit
4. Scroll down to your email addresses
5. Click on the tiny circle next to your Facebook email and set to Hidden from Timeline
6. Click the circle on your other email and set to Shown on Timeline

7. Scroll down and hit the Save button.

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