5 Most Addictive Android Games of All Times

As other products of Google like Google Chrome, Google Drive and others, Google's Android Operating System is growing exponentially. Millions of Apps for Android Smart OS have already been published. Now this is not only an Operating System for Mobile Phones but a lot more than just an operating system. The personal entertainment center and personal assistant that takes care of your each and every work. You can watch movies, play games, listen to your favorite music, download videos, games, and many more. There are thousands of games already available in the Android Market for your entertainment, but choosing from huge piles of available games is very difficult task. We have reviewed many games and compiled a list of All Times Top Android Game based on users reviews and choice. These games have been proved to be addictive to users.

All Times Most Addictive Games for Android Users

Angry Birds

As expected, No game other than Angry Birds can be on the top position in this race. Angry Birds has been found as the Most Addictive Game of All Times, by ROVIO Mobiles Ltd. The best HD and simple game, liked by all age gamers. To Download Free Angry Birds Premium Click Here


Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD

Asphalt 6 is a game that is resource demanding and doesn't run on normal Android OS enabled devices, but at the same time is one of the best and top most favorite games with its Amazing Game Play and 3D Graphics. This game might not be play on low-end devices yet this is one of the best Android Racing Games available in the market 


Tank Hero

Fight against enemy Tanks through the dangerous arena. Smash Out the opponents with your cannons and become the Tank Hero. This has been found one the very favorite and most addictive Android Games that you wont put down.


One of the best Helicopter Fighting Simulation games that you will not want to leave for a single moment. The most favorite and top most addictive android games is C.H.A.O.S. This game can be played using the motion sensitivity of your Android Device as well as using the Finger Touch on your Smart Device Screen. This game responds to both the Touch and Motion of the Device. This game allows the player to step into the pilot's shoes and experience the Air Assault. This is the best Simulation game that give you almost the realistic Helicopter Fighting Experience. Gain experience, defeat your enemy,  maintain Ariel supremacy and upgrade your helicopter. In short this is the best and favorite most Android Air Combat Game to be experienced.

Dead Space

The Masterpiece of Sci-Fi Games for Android Games has arrived in the Market under the name Dead Space. Grab it to experience the rich Audio Experience and Amazing Game Play on your Smart Android Devices.This is clearly one of the top most favorite games for Android Today with bloodcurdling events supported with high audio experience and best game play.

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