Google Drive: Can Ohters Survive Against Web-800 Pounds Gorilla

The web's 800-pounds gorilla has jumped into Cloud Storage Service Pool. This definitely has caused a huge splash in water, time will tell this gorilla can swim or not.One thing for sure can be said that Google Drive will definitely exert pressure on the competition and will give a tough time to Small Player of game like DropBox. Google Drive's low prices in competition of  Premium storage services are attracting the existing customers of other Cloud Storage Service Providers. 
Google has leverage of it already existing and strong relationships with 100s of Millions of Google Users. Based on these relationships Google Drive can push back the major player of this Cloud Storage Service Game, and definitely alarming situations for the small players.
One of the DropBox's Pro Users "Ritchie H." has posted on DropBox Online forum "Goodbye Dropbox - Hello Drive. 200GB for $9.99? I think that's what is known as a no brainier. Security Schoomaty!
The Question is Can DropBox and other Cloud Storage Service Providers survive against this Web-800-Pounds Gorilla "Google Drive"?
"Like Apple and Microsoft, Google has relationships with a millions of people who use its various applications and services, including Gmail, Google Docs and the Chrome Web browser. Those relationships give Google an advantage as its woos consumers to its new storage and synchronization service,"said Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg.

Google Drive VS. Other Storage Services

Google Drive. Keep Everything. Share Anything. Access Everywhere.

The cloud storage service of Google by the name of Google Drive is finally here. This is your mobile drive that you can use to save everything you want to save up-to 5GBs "Free Storage", and access everywhere. Once you got started with Google Drive's 5GB Free Storage Service, you can upgrade to 25GBs for just $2.55 /month almost free.

Google Drive is also offering the highest of all available cloud storage services up-to 16 TB; premium storage service for $799.99/month. All other Cloud Storage Service Providers are not offering more than 100GBs of premium storage service.
We are providing you with a short comparison of Google Drive Vs. Other Cloud Storage Providers.
Google Drive VS Others
Based on this comparison this can't be said with surety that this gorilla "Google Drive" will swim in this pool or not, will this be another successful story of Google Inc or not? Because users have their own priorities. As many users may keep using DropBox as their friends do. Many can switch to Google Drive as they are already using Services of Google, like GMail, Google Docs, Blogger and many others...

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