Design Best Facebook Cover Photo-A Photoshop Tutorial

Recently Facebook has introduced its new format named "Timeline", which includes an awesome profile Cover Photo and allows Facebook subscribers to show their creativity with the combination of profile and timeline cover photo.In our earlier post we shown you some beautiful and unique Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Ideas. This post is focused on How to Design Facebook Timeline Cover Photo.Here is simple and easy Photoshop Tutorial to design your own Facebook Timeline Cover Photo.


This tutorial is outdated, and the profile image "extracted by this tutorial" doesn't go with the cover, as Facebook has changed some setting in Profile Image Display. To Design same Unique looking Beautiful and Best Cover Photos we have written a new Tutorial. Please Move to "How to Design Unique & Best Facebook Cover Photo "

How to Design Facebook Cover Photo


Download the attached Photoshop file, that is a template that you'll need to create your own Facebook Cover Photos. This Photoshop template will ease your half of the work.

Step 2

Open the Downloaded psd template. Click the Slice tool as shown in the image below.

Step 3

Select you Image you want to set as your Facebook Cover Photo. Make sure your photo is not less than 851x352 pixels. Open Cover Image Image in Photoshop and Duplicate Layer on fb cover photo frame by SoftwareWanted file. as shown below.

Step 4

Now a bit technical part is here.
Adjust Your Image The way so that the portion of your Cover Image that is going to be your Facebook Profile Image Fits into the box 3, and the portion that you want as Cover Photo fits into box 1. As shown in the image below.

Step 5

Save Image Two Times.
  • Save as PNG [Cover Image]
  • Save for Web & Devices [Profile Image]
Now go to the Directory / folder where you saved [Profile Image].. There you'll see 5 Slices of your Cover Image, You need the one that was in box 3, you can delete other 4 slices.
The resolution of the [Profile Image] is125x125 you need to re-size your [Profile Image] to 180x180, other wise Facebook won't let you set that as your Profile Image.

Step 6

The work is almost done now. All that You need is to upload the Images.
Upload the [Cover Photo] as Cover Photo in Facebook
Upload the [Profile Photo] as Profile photo in Facebook

If you are stuck at any step or need some guidance, Feel free to comment

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