FBI Warning: Disinfect Computers from DNS Changer or Risk Internet Access

US FBI Seal (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
FBI has issued a warning against a Trojan DNS Changer. This is a malware that can infect Windows OS as well as Mac System. On 9th of July 2012, thousands of Internet Users can lose access to the internet because of this malware piece DNS Changer. "Article on Forbes"
This Trojan; DNS Changer, was discovered back in the year of 2007, which infected millions of computer systems at that time. Last year FBI in collaboration with Estonian Police, seized the servers of the cyber criminals responsible of spreading DNS Changer. However the servers were kept online by these cyber criminals.

The DNS Changer intercepts the visited websites, and redirects the internet user from the chosen one website to visit to the servers that Cyber Criminals have under control. These servers then throw thousands of web ads user's computer system which in result fills the Criminal's Account with millions of Dollars in lightening Speed.
The DNS Changer is harmful for both The Windows Operating Systems as well as Mac Systems; However, users of Android, iPhone, iPad and Linux Users are safe from this Malware Attack.
The DNS Changer Working Group (DCWG) has created a website that helps you finding out If Your System is affected by DNS Changer, if so, it removes the DNS Changer Malware from your Computer System.

After the July 8th 2012 you might not be able to Run the diagnostic test and get rid of this Mal-ware without being effected,  So it is recommended to check your systems SOONER.

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