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Computer usage is an essential part of our daily life. You want to perform official tasks,need entertainment or even if you want to earn you need a computer system ready every time. What if your computer system is slow? I guess there is nothing worse that a Slower PC. Thing get annoying when we want to perform some urgent task and our PC gets held or performs too slow that sometimes user want throw the PC from the Top Story of his building.
There can be two reasons of a slow speed of any computer system that programs you use are heavy in terms of working memory usage, for this you need to buy a new PC or at least you'll have to upgrade it.The other and most frequent reason for slow speed of a  PC presence unnecessary files, duplicate files and lot of unwanted programs that are downloaded and running in background but all are non productive. This can be fixed. Today at Software Wanted we are sharing the list of Best Tools/Software to Speed-Up your computer System. 
All these tools are developed in order to help you to improve you PC Performance Speed. You can choose any of these to enhance the productivity and performance of a PC.

Top 3 Best Software to Speed-Up PC

Easy Duplicate Finder

The most annoying thing is to manually find out the duplicate files on your computer system. These are the really trouble making issues that can really slow down your Computer System Speed by grabbing the free space. These files engage the working memory of any PC and in result there is less working memory available for the other important software to run. If you have to find and remove the duplicate file and remove them manually, this will be so annoying that you may end up in deleting the important files too. To avoid this annoying thing Easy Duplicate Finder is a handy and perfect tool that scans your Personal Computer for such duplicate files, generates the scan report and allows the user to get rid of such files in bulk buy a single mouse click, or selecting through the files.


Lot of times the main and the most common reason for the Slower PC is fragmentation. This refers to a situation when tons of file are using the space of your Computer System  inefficiently. They are placed at scattered place which results in more space coverage than actual these files need. Defraggler is a handy and useful software that will help you defragmentation. This will organize your files making the unnecessary captured space free. 


The most commonly used and very handy and effective software to speed up PC is CCleaner. Earlier this was known as Crap Cleaner, which is now short to CCleaner. This is a widely used tool that removes the unwanted and useless junk files. Temporary Internet Files are also the reason for making your computer system speed slow. This software also removes these unwanted Temporary internet files.

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