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Software Wanted (SW), founded in late 2010, is a technology blog which is dedicated to provide its reader
with quality articles covering the digital world. This platform is focused on helping users, ranging from Computer
to Smart Phone and Graphic Designers, to find free and simple solutions to their everyday problems.
The specialized articles are based on Computers, Smart Devices, Android OS, Internet, Blogging, Software
and others, related to Technology World. There you can find Step-by-Step PSD Tutorial, Software Tutorials,
Useful and Free Computer Utilities, Android Apps, iPhone Articles, Freeware, PC Maintenance Tips,
How To Articles and many others.
At SW we come up with the unique and best articles that can be helpful and add value to the computing
experience of common Computer or Mobile user. Our focus is to provide the best and useful "Spam Free"
Software, Apps for your Devices, therefore, before publishing our articles are well researched. 
To come up with new and best resource for your Computing Experience we review several different websites
and software, so that you may not have to search for The Best and What's New. 

Team of Software Wanted

Software Wanted (SW) founded in late 2010 by Faheem Mustafa, a Young Web Entrepreneur and
Technology Enthusiast, He is the Founder and Chief Editor of Software Wanted.
Faheem Mustafa (Chief Editor)
Farhan Tahir (Author)
The aim of  is not to disappoint readers and to do best to provide quality articles. AT SW we emphasis on
Quality of Articles, Usefulness and the comprehensiveness. The Authors keep on writing articles that can Add 
Value to your daily computing experience.