Pack of 12 Beautiful Start Orbs/Start Buttons

Customization is loved by every one, all of us want to customize our belongings as we like and according to our taste, especially when it comes to our Desktop Computers, we love to change every thing from "By Default or Factory Settings to our Own Likings. First of all we change Wallpapers, then we come towards Logon Screen and some other Tweaks. Its very rare to customize Start Orb, because of "difficulty to Change". Buts with availability of Free Softwares in Online Market "Internet" it has become the easiest to change Start Orbs, just like Changing Desktop Wallpapers.
 Earlier at Software Wanted platform we shared the Easiest Tutorial "How to Create Start Orb in Photoshop". Today we are sharing some of our "Software Wanted's" created Start Orbs.
There is a Pack of 12 Beautiful and Amazing Start Orbs for you to Download Free and make the Desktop Beautiful. Software Wanted has designed these 12 Start Button for you to be used on your Desktop.
This is a Pack of 12 Beautiful Start Orbs, in which Software Wanted has used third party images, applied several effects and created Start Button itself.
This pack has Start Orbs for Face Book fans, Angry Birds fans, Social Network Fans, and Many more Abstract Orbs.

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