Wanted News: Top 5 Web Browsers in 2012

Now a days tons of Internet browsers are available in market but not all proved to be successful in gaining market share. We are unable to cover all of the web browser but we'll focus on the major player of this Web Browser's Industry. Now a days there are 5 key players in this Web Browser Industry.
This is the list based on their existence in industry. 
Internet Explorer - 17 years
Opera  - 15 years
Safari - 9 years
Firefox - 7 years
Google Chrome - 3 years

Top 5 Web Browsers of 2012

5: Opera

The 2nd Oldest Web Browser of industry is Opera with 15 years of age is now at the lowest level of Market Share as compared to other players in industry, with 2.4% Market Share in January 2012.  But looking at its own track record Opera is said to maintaining its market share. Since December 2008 to Date Opera is fluctuating between 2.0% to 2.5%. At average this is the most stable and consistent player among all 5 Web Browsers.

4: Safari

3rd Oldest browser in Web Browsers industry is Safari with age of more than 9 years, initially released in January 2003, Currently holds the 4th position in Popularity competition with recent market share of 4.3% in January 2012.

3: Internet Explorer

The oldest player in Web Browsing Industry with 17 years of age is facing a continuous decline. Based on the research data Internet Explorer's popularity decreased from 26.6% in January 2011 to 20.1% in January 2012. If we have a look at  history of IE it has been continuously facing the decline in its popularity since the Firefox "Earlier named as Mozilla" entered in market.In 2003 Mozilla was introduced in Market, at that time IE was having 88% share in Market, but since March 2003 the Market share is continuously declining and now it dropped to 20.1% ONLY... Still Declining

2: Google Chrome

Google Chrome the youngest player in the Web Browser Industry with age of just 3 years. Initially released in September 2008. This will not be wrong if we call Google Chrome "The Kid". Wait you must be thinking how is it possible that The Kid is placed at the 2nd position in popularity competition. Google Chrome Earned it in a very short time span with lots of competitors already playing in the market. Since Google Chrome has been released, it never faced a decline in popularity started from 0% and now at the 2nd highest share with 35.3%. Approximately Neck to Neck with Firefox.

1: Firefox

Firefox stands at 4th position as it was initially released in November 2004. In popularity competition based on Market Share Firefox is awarded the 1st position with 37.1% of Market Share. But The same is happening to Firefox because of new entrant "Google Chrome" in Market, what happened to IE because of Firefox's introduction in Market.


Since the Market release of Google Chrome Firefox is continuously loosing its Market Share and Most Likely at end of 2012 Google Chrome is expected to take over Firefox and be the Most Popular Web Browser in Industry. If it happens Google Chrome will be "The Kid Ruler" in the Market of Web Browsers.

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