How to Design Unique & Best Facebook Cover Photo

Its good to be back on track after couple of busy days. I was busy in my exam preparation, when I got a query on one of my most popular articles "Design Best Facebook Cover Photo-A Photoshop Tutorial. The query was mentioning me a resolution problem, that when you upload the profile image, it doesn't fit with your cover photo to give the perfect and unique look of your Facebook Cover Photo. 
The problem is that Facebook only accepts the "180*180" minimum resolution of your image to be set as your profile image. Using my older tutorial when we change the 125*125 image to 180*180 it appears bigger. When I wrote that tutorial that worked, but after a couple of weeks something gone wrong and the tutorial could not serve your needs. 
Therefore I decided to write a new tutorial, rather than updating the old one. Now without wasting time I should start the tutorial.

How to Design Facebook Cover Photo


Download the attached Photoshop file, that is a template that you'll need to create your own Facebook Cover Photos. This Photoshop template will ease your half of the work.

Step 2

Open the Downloaded psd template. Click the Slice tool as shown in the image below.

Step 3

Select you Image you want to set as your Facebook Cover Photo. Make sure your photo is not less than 851x352 pixels. Open Cover Image Image in Photoshop and Duplicate Layer on fb cover photo frame by Software Wanted file. as shown below.

Step 4

Now a bit technical part is here.
Adjust Your Image The way so that the portion of your Cover Image that is going to be your Facebook Profile Image Fits into the Profile Image Box, and the portion that you want as Cover Photo fits into Cover Photo Area. As shown in the image below.

Step 5

Now change the opacity of this image layer to 20.
The image will look similar to the following.
Don't worry we will revert the opacity back to 100%

Step 6

Now there is a bit technical part.
Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and select the green looking area "The Profile Image Area"
Revert the opacity back to 100
Your Selection should be similar to this.

Step 7

Cut the Selected Portion of your image. (Ctrl+X)
Open new file in Photoshop
Paste the Image in new file and Save as .png "Cover Img.png"
Upload this image to your Facebook Cover Photo
Take a screen shot "Print Screen" of your Facebook Profile page as shown in the image below
Paste the Screen Shot in a Photoshop New File "Cover Photo"

Step 8

Now copy the Cover Img.png and paste it above the Layer 1 in New "Cover Photo" file.
Change the opacity of Pasted image to 25, and Adjust it, the way it completely and exactly covers the "Cover Photo" of your profile screenshot as shown below.

Step 9

Select the Rectangular Marquee tool (M)
Make a selection around the profile image as shown below

Step 10

Change the Opacity Back to 100
Cut the Image and Open new File
Name it "Profile Image"
Paste the Image there and Save as Profile Img.Png
Upload it to your Facebook Profile Image

If you are stuck at any step or need some guidance, Feel free to comment

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