Best Blu-Ray Video Players for Windows

The next generation video experience with high definition results has enhanced the entertainment. Blu-Ray is definitely the best media that brings life to your favorite movies and makes your screens lively.
Currently supported by more than 200 world's best electronic manufacturers Blu-Ray Discs has revolutionize the entertainment world. Not all the media players support the Blu-Ray discs, there are some player that play the blu-ray movies but sometime scrambling comes across. So there is an ultimate need for a Best Blu-Ray Player. To enjoy the Blu-Ray Discs at their best we are mentioning some of the best Blu-Ray Media Player.
As you don't need a Blu-Ray Disc Player because you can download the best of best movies including the Blu-Ray from internet now a days. But one thing you definitely need to play these Blu-Ray movies is the Blu-Ray Media Player.
We are sharing the best Blu-Ray players that almost have more or less common features. Any of these will be an optimal choice for you to watch Blu-Ray Movies on your Desktop. You can also play any home made Blu-Ray discs as well.
We are not sharing these Blu-Ray Media Players in any particular order. All of the below mentioned have almost same features with minor exceptions.

Best Blu-Ray Media Players for Windows OS

Corel WinDVD Plus

Corel WinDVD is the worlds's no 1 and best of bests Media Player, which supports DVD as well as the Blu-Ray formats. To say this the worlds leading Blu-Ray player won't be wrong. WinDVD player has been greatly appreciated by the users.

TotalMedia Theatre 5

The smooth and exceptionally clear PlayBack makes the TotalMedia Theatre one of the best and famous softwares. Publishers of this software have changed the view of Blu-Ray movie viewers. Almost all of the Blu-Ray viewers prefer to watch Blu-Ray Movies on their HD LCD Screens (Televisions), but publishers of TotalMedia Theatre say that Blu-Ray viewers will change their perspective once they use this software to watch Blu-Ray Movies on their PCs.

CyberLink Power DVD 12

 Power DVD 12, Publishers of this software claim this as #1 DVD, Blu-Ray and Media Player on earth. This is one of the amazing and best Media Players with HD and 3D quality. This Media Player has bunch of features including, but not limited to 
  • Dolby TrueHD Audio for Blu-ray\
  • Smart Convert
  • Blu-ray 2D to 3D
  • PowerDVD Mobile

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