Top 5 Antivirus and Security Suites for Windows 8

Windows 8 will be soon in market. Windows Operating System lovers are waiting for the release of Windows 8 to give it a try. Microsoft has already released the Beta Version of Windows 8, which is a re-imagined and reinvented version from the Windows 7 speed and reliability. People who used this newly released consumer Preview Version of Windows 8 has loved it.
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As with the new resources, new precautions have to be taken. So, choosing the optimal security solution for Windows 8 will be a bit bit difficult task. From the huge security products and competing market looking for the Best Antivirus and Security Suites for 8 is difficult. Software Wanted has hand picked and analyzed the best of the available Security Suites and Antivirus for users to be installed on their Windows 8 Operating System.

Best Antivirus and Security Suites for Windows 8

BullGuard Antivirus 12

BullGuard Antivirus 12 succeeded to be one of the best Antivirus in market according to users review. This is a complete security package for Computer system, including safe browsing over the internet. This Antivirus detects and removes the Virus that comes in several deceitful forms. Using the cutting edge technology “Behavioral Detection” BullGuard detects and removes the Virus and makes your device a protected and safe zone to be used and experienced.

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2013

BitDefender Plus 2013 “The Essential Silent Security”. As the product’s tag line “The Essential Silent Security” suggests that this is the antivirus that works in background and makes your online web browsing completely secure and protected. This is Best Antivirus Award Winning Windows Based Security Application. The AutoPilot feature a BitDefender makes it unique from others, it means no popups, nothing to configure and no alerts, it defends against virus and spywares. It also gives warning when user is about to open a risky website. In Short this is The Best Antivirus available in market

Kaspersky Antivirus 2012

It is considered to be the backbone of computer’s security. Its easy to use and customizable features make it the most powerful and strongest shield against new emerging threats and virus. It work quietly in background without disturbing your usage and takes very less of working memory while protecting you against deadliest viruses. It automatically scans all websites and emails before downloading into your PC. These are the features that made this Antivirus popular and effective and most importantly The Best.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5

ESET NOD 32 5 Antivirus is an above average malware and virus protection software, ideal for Laptops and Gaming Systems. This Antivirus provides protection against new threats with its latest features. Using its Award Winning ESET Threat Sensing Technology. This antivirus promises uncompromising performance that provides shield against Spywares and Latest Virus.

AVG Antivirus

One of the effective and smart Antivirus available in Antivirus Market. Its regular and free updates are the features that ensure the protection of your system against Online browsing virus, Malware and Spywares. This is the Antivirus that is used by more than 100 Million users across globe. No.1 threat detection and easy to install and use are one of the top features of AVG Antivirus

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