Wanted Tips: How to Change Windows 7 Start Button

Do you want to Change the look of your start Button? Give your windows a perfect customized look. learn to change your windows 7 start button.

Here is tutorial for you to change the start button of your Windows 7. And Customize the start button as you want. This will guide you step by step. It is a technical but easy tutorial that is brought to your. You can change your windows 7 start button as shown

How to Change Windows 7 Start Button (Not Working)
Working Link is Here

1:   First of all you have to download Windows7 Start Orb Changer v3 free software. Download or Visit [link]
2:   Unzip the downloaded file and run r.exe
3:   Press ctrl+O or [file>open] to open the file explorer.exe from C:/windows/
4:   Now uncollapse the folder Bitmap:  To change the Start Button uncollapse 6081 right click on 1033 and click the replace butoon as shown in picture below
5:   Now cilck on the button Open file with new bitmap...
6:   Now browse to your start button Bitmap files and select the one of your choice and click on the Replace button.
7:   Repeat the same steps of Replace Resource for folders 6805 and 6809
8:   Now press Ctrl+S [file>save as] to save it with name explorer.exe in your windows folder.
If not allowed to save there: save any where else and replace later
9:   Open the Windows folder [C:/windows] or [win key + E and double click on Windows]. to replace the pre-existing explorer with new explore.exe you need to take ownership of explorer.exe

10:  Open the Windows folder [C:/windows] or [win key + E and double click on Windows]. and right click on explorer.exe, Click on PROPERTIES, goto SECURITY tab and then click on ADVANCED
11:  Now goto the OWNER tab and click on EDIT
12:  Now select the Administrator Account [Administrator(username-PC\Administrator)] and click on APPLY
13:  Now click on OK button, you'll again see your security tab: now click on EDIT
13:  Now select the Administrator Account [Administrator(username-PC\Administrator)] and check the option FULL and click on APPLY
14:  Now you are allowed to rename the pre-existing explorer.exe file into explorer.exe-old and copy & paste the explorer.exe in C:\windows "that you saved earlier, somewhere else"

Now Restart Your Computer: Your Start Button Will Be Replaced with your new one...

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