Best Photoshop Tutorial to Create Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect

Photoshop is an amazing platform that is used in many aspects. You can design 3D Images, Wallpapers, 3D simulation models, HD Wallpapers for your desktop, even you can give thousands of different, beautiful and unique effects to Photos.

Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect
Our today's tutorial is based on creating amazing effects on your Photos. Following our today's Photoshop Tutorial you can make your beautiful photos more beautiful with Eye-Catching Interweaving Effect. In this tutorial we are explaining you How to create Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect on any image using different Photoshop Tools and effects. In this tutorial we'll be using very simple and easy steps to create a Stunning and Outrageous Result.  So stick to us and learn How you can Create Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect on your beautiful photos.
Lets Start our Creation !!!!


In creating this effect you'll need the following Assets
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • 45-60 Minutes (for first time only)
  • Intermediate Skills but no Expertise are required
  • An Image to Edit (Of-course)
Here is the image we will be using in this Tutorial. 

How to Create Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect

For the first time trying this tutorial we recommend you to use the 
same Sample Image and replicate our each step.


    Download Sample Image Here
    Ope the Image in Photoshop and crop the area for which you want to apply the Interweaving Effect
    Rename the layer to Girl


    Open the Ruler view and Draw a vertical Guide Line to (1600px in our case) to take out a square in your image.


    Create a new Layer above the Girl Layer and Rename it to Strips
    Select the Strips Layer and make a rectangular Selection by selecting the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M).
    Fill it with black foreground color (Alt+Backspace)


    Now Change the angle of black strip to 45 and place it as its joining the two opposite corners of the box "that we defined by using vertical guideline in step 2".


    Now duplicate the Strips layer and place it at a certain distance. The distance between these black strips wil be the width of our Interweaving Photo Strips.


    Repeat the Step:5 several times so that the black Strips Cover the complete Girl Layer.
    Select All black Strips Layer and Merge them into one.
    Rename the Merged layer to Strips


    Hide the Strips Layer by clicking at Eye Icon at its side
    Duplicate the Girl Layer and also Hide the Original Girl Layer


    Hide the Strips Layer by clicking on the icon in lower Layer Panel
    Select the Girl Copy Layer, Add a layer Mask


    Now Select the Layer Mask Thumbnail on Girl Copy Layer
    Ctrl+Click at Strips Layer
    Press Alt+Backspace to fill the mask with black color
    You image should be similar to this.


    Hide the Girl Copy Layer

    Unhide the Strips Layer and Select it
    Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and make Selection around the complete canvas
    Crop the Layer by moving to Image > Crop


    Now select the Move Tool (V)
    Right Click in the center point of canvas and Click Flip Horizontal
    Press Enter


    Hide the Strips Layer
    Now Select and Unhide the layer Girl Copy 2, Select the Layer Mask Thumbnail
    Ctrl+Click on Strips Layer  to make the selection
    Press Alt+Backspace to fill the Layer Mask with black color
    your image will be similar to this.


    Deselect all selectionNow add a
    New Layer Alt+Shift+N below all layers and name this Base layer
     Fill it with Black Color Alt+Backspace
    Unhide the layers Girl Copy.
    Be sure layers Girl Copy, Girl Copy 2 and Base Layer should be visible.
    Your Image will look similar to this one.

    Step 14

    Now Ctrl+Click on Layer Mask thumbnail of Girl Copy Layer
    Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Click on Layer Mask Thumbnail of Girl Copy 2 Layer
    Your selection will look like this one.


    Now select Girl Copy layer
    Select the Lasso Tool (L) and deselect the alternate selection boxes


    Select the original layer Girl
    Press Ctrl+J to duplicate this
    Rename the new layer to Diagonal and place this layer above girl copy layer


    Now repeat Step:14 & Step:15.
    In Step:15 this time deselect the other alternate selection boxes


    Repeat Step:16
    Rename the new layer to Cross
    Place it above Girl Copy 2 layer and below Girl Copy Layer


    Now select the layer Diagonal and right click on it and select Create Clipping Mask
    Repeat the same step with Cross layer


    Now double click on Diagonal Layer to open the Layer Style Dialogue Box
    Select Outer Glow, change blend mode Screen to Multiply
    Change the color to Black
    Set size to 65
    Your Image will be similar to this.


    Right click on layer Diagonal and Copy Layer Style.
    Now paste this layer style on layer Cross.
    Your Interweaving Photo-Strips Effect is Ready.

    If you find some mistake in our tutorial. Please let us know.
    Feel free to ask for help at any step of your creation.
    Do share your creations with us. 

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