Chrome Extension to Watch Ads free Videos on YouTube

Advertisements are annoying, especially when you are watching our favorite Movie, Video Clip or some Video Songs on YouTube. Closing these Add one by one manually is the more annoying thing and whenever while closing adds you accidentally end up in opening that Add you get frustrated. What if you can skip these Add from YouTube Video Screen?

Software Wanted found a way to Skip Adds on YouTube, basically this is a Chrome Web Browser extension that lets you to watch complete YouTube Video without a single view of Adds on YouTube Video. Once you download this Chrome Extension, a new "Blue Play Button" will appear on YouTube, which will skip YouTube Adds and will Play the main Video.

Chrome Extension: Skip Adds on YouTube

You need to download the Extension from Chrome Web Store. Skip ads on YouTube - No illegal block

Once you have downloaded and installed this Chrome Extension, go to YouTube and  enjoy any YouTube Video without any annoying Add, after Clicking the New "Blue Play Button" on YouTube.

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Faheem Mustafa

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