Top 5 Must have Free iPhone Apps

Did you bought yourself a new iPhone? Confused what Apps you should have on your iPhone to make yourself a Smart User. There are more than 300,000 Smart IOS Apps available to download. Interestingly many tons of these are available for free to download. Software Wanted is a dedicated platform struggling to "Take Your Digital Experience to Next Level". Keeping this in view we are presenting you the 5 Must Have Free iPhone Smart Apps. These apps are smart enough to make you life comfortable and automated.

5 Must Have Free iPhone Apps

1: Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are looking for Adobe Photoshop full experience this App might not fulfill your desires. Yet this application is most powerful as compared to other image editing Apps of you iPhone Camera Images. You can use it for sharpening, adding effects, exposure adjustment, giving color effects to your images. 

2: Skype

The Top Must have iPhone App that new iPhone users must get on their iPhone. According to users of this App this is an imperfect iPhone Application, but at the same time the experience this Application gives to its users is unbeatable, which makes this App a Must Have iPhone App. Its simple and easy to use interface makes it a great one among all similar Apps. Using this App you can Call, Instant Message , Video Call to any one on Skype for FREE. Where ever you are in the world, Skype offers free Skype to Skype Video/Voice Calls
Recommended: IOS 5.0 for better Experience

3: Atomic Web Browser Lite

The most useful and light web browser out in market is Atomic Web Browser Lite. It is just like a PC browser, saying it even better would not be a wrong comment. It has feature of Multi-Tbas opening. Most of the iUsers are shifted from others to Atomic Web Browser because of its easy to use interface, customizable features, full screen view option, increase/decrease font size as per iUser needs.... and many more useful features that surely will take your Digital Experience to Next Level.

4: Dropbox

Dropbox, a completely free and effective service that allows you to bring all you photos, files and documents anwhere. All that you need is a Dropbox account, once you install dropbox to your computer, using that app whatever file, photo or document you upload to your dropbox account, it'll automatically uploaded to all your devices on which you have drop box. Using your other device you can access you desired file anywhere.

5: CallRec.me

CallRec is the iPhone App that new users must have on their iPhone so that they can easily record full length calls. This IOS Application allows iUsers to record incoming as well as outgoing calls. Using this App you can share your recordings via Facebook, Twitter Facebook. This application is smart enough that it transcribes your recordings into text, can take notes quick. This iPhone App is important because you can record you incoming/outgoing calls of any length, and use them as reference in future.

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