iFighter 1945 Best Android non-stop Action Game

Fasten Your Seat Belts as we are ready to Take Off. Get Ready for Action. Do you like playing Vertical Shooting games, If you had played some of the games like Ikaruga,  I assure you'll love this iFighter game the most. In my opinion Ikaruga is a total wast of time. In comparison to the iFighter 1945 Ikaruga stands no where.  In iFighter 1945 as a Fighter Pilot of WW-II you have to destroy the secret weapons, Air Bases, and destroy the Defense system of your Enemy.
The almost original sound track and Crispy graphics and most importantly the Game-Play of iFighter 1945 are the characteristics that make this game Addicting.
The game starts with option of three fighter planes to choose from. Each plane is rated different on basis of Attack, HP "Health Power", Recover and Speed. There are also two more and Best fighter planes available but you have to unlock to choose from, Beat the game hard and get access to these planes, almost impossible.
The most challenging in each level is the End Level Boss, the Monster Train, Ship or Plane, which attacks your Fighter Plane with power bullets of Pink / Purple Color and in some levels Laser Beams attack your Plane. All these features of the iFighter 1945 make it worth downloading and  playing.
The game is available in different game-play options,
  • Touch (which follows your finger)
  • Relative (which means you don’t have to obscure your fighter with your finger)
  • Joypad (er, if you have one)
  • Motion (not ideal when precise movements are critical). 
The game contains 8 challenging and interesting levels, flying your plane in the sky you need to defend your fighter plane from the enemy fighter Planes, Air Strike Guns, Anti Aircraft Guns, Tanks, Fully equipped Ships. Group of Golden Fighter Planes of enemy appear frequently, killing them all "group" reveals different supplies for you, including Flash Bullets, Power Ups "H". 
Motion Sensing, Touch Sensitivity are both the best to be used. The different Difficulty levels, the several game control options and the challenging end level bosses of iFighter 1945 make you spend long hours playing this game. 

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