Best Web Browsers for Android Smart Phones

The most popular and widely used Operating System on Smart Phones is the Android OS. Over the past few years this the most favorite and user friendly Operating System, owned by Google Inc. Smart Phones are the best ones to access the internet, anywhere, anytime.
Earlier we wrote an article about the Top 5 Web Browsers of 2012. This article is focused on to provide you the Best 3 Android Web Browsers. Tons of web browsers are available in Android Market, but choosing which one is the best, is really a difficult task. Here we have compiled the list of Best 3 Web Browsers for your Android enabled Smart Phones. These web browser are the widely used and best ones with regarding to the browsing features they provide to the users. Desktop Sync. Bookmarks and gestures are some of the best features of these Android Web browsers.
This list is not compiled in any priority order, but in random order.

Best Android Smart Phone Web Browsers

Dolphin HD Web Browser

I tried many web browser on my android device most of them were slow and had not enough features to be called a smart web browser. Then after trying this Dolphin Browser I never switched my device to any other web browser.
I suggest If you have android device you should have this one on your device to enjoy the great web features right on your android device.
Some of its features I must mention are
  • Fast and Smart
  • Several Add-Ons to choose from
  • Smart Zooming feature that helps you to enjoy if you are using small screen device instead of notebook of tablet.
  • Supports Multi Tabs opening without crash
  • Low memory consuming 
  • and many more ...............
Free Dolphin Browser HD

Google Chrome Android Web Browser

Chrome is one of the most popular, rapidly growing and best Web Browser. Earlier we have written a detailed article comparing the performance of Google Chrome, in which we have show you how the Google Chrome "The Kid Ruler" has won the market share in such a small time and currently about to get the Top Position in Web browsers Market.

Opera Mini Android Web Browser

The perfect Web Browser with multi tabs features, and best for the Fast Connection Internet like WiFi, 3G. Opera is fast and user friendly Web Browser for your Smart Phones. The fastest web browser on earth that lets you to access each and every web page in no time. 

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