Wanted Softwaers: 5 Must Have Social Android Apps of 2012

Google's Android Operating system is the most popular OS in Smart Phones in 2011, ranked as the 2nd position holder. It gives the ease of usage and carries the most user friendly interface. We are intended to provide the new Android users with the most important and Must Have Apps of the latest trend. Android Devices provide their users the most Fast and quick web browsing experience.

This article is written to provide our readers with an introduction to the  Must Have Social Apps for their Android Devices. Using these Apps one can experience the smart use of Android Devices and can enjoy as much as possible.

FaceBook for Android
Facebook is is the most popular website in the whole internet world and still growing like anything. Facebook has provided a complete new dimension to the social life. Life without Facebook looks weird.
Twitter Apps
Twitter is another social networking platform to get in touch. Following news and being informed all the time  is the biggest necessity of current world.
 If you’ve already tried Twitter for Android and were less than impressed then give try yo Plume, Tweetcaster or Ubersocial, which are among the best 3rd party Twitter apps for Android and most importantly FREE APPS.

Despite of being less popular than Facebook or Twitter, Google+ has been successful in making its place in social networking market.
 LinkedIn App
LinkedIn App allows its users to access almost every dimension of their LinkedIn account and also can Sync LinkedIn information to your existing contact list.
Reddit for Android
Reddit App for Android devices is a complete fun pack, which provides its users to fully access and maintain their Reddit Account right from their Android Devices. Using Reddit App for Android users can submit links directly to Reddit. This application gives the ability ti check for the  mails, browse subreddits, upvote or downvote and using this Free Android App you can read and post comments

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