How to create a Disco Party Poster in Photoshop

Disco Parties are the entertaining part of our hectic and tense life. Inviting other to Disco Party needs some kind of invitation card or posters. The more attractive is Disco Party Poster the greater will be the number of dance participant. So, today's Photoshop Tutorial is focused on Creating a Beautiful and Attractive Disco Party Poster.

How to create a Disco Party Poster in Photoshop

Resources Required

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Skills: Intermediate-Advanced Skills
Completion Time: 2-2.5 Hours
Girl Dancer Image

Designing The Disco Party Poster


Create a new Document with Width 864px and Height 1296px and Resolution 72px
Rename the Layer to Background 
Fill the Background Layer with any color Alt+Backspace
Double Click Background layer to open Layer Style Dialogue Box,
Select Gradient Overlay
Set the Left Color Stop to Color #2e0568 and Right Color Stop to Color #000000

Create a new Layer Above Background Layer and Rename it to Spotlight
Select Brush Tool, Air Brush soft rounded corner with Radius 700 px and color #1c5853
Make two spots Left and Right Upper corner

Create a new Layer and name it as Color Overlay
Using the same size Soft Rounded Air Brush make a big spot on left corner with color#1bb3d9
Using Color#06a519 Make another big spot on the right corner of canvas
Double Click to open Layer Style dialogue box, set the general blending Blend Mode to Overlay

Create a new Layer naming it Circle.
Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool make a big circular selection and fill this with color#ffffff (White)
Change the Circle Layer opacity to 20%

Create a new Layer and name this Rings
Using the Elliptical Marquee Tool make another selection a bit smaller than Circle Layer
Fill it with color#ffffff, Keep the selection on and move to Select > Modify > Contract. Set the radius to 10.
This will reduce your selection by 10px. Hit DEL
You'll get a nice ring as shown below.

Using the same technique draw rings as shown in the image below
Select All Layers of Rings and Circle. Merge them as shown, Rename this to Rings

Select the Rings layer and move to Filter > Blur > Lens Blur
Set the radius to 50
Double Click the Circle Layer and change Blending Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 80%

Now Import the Dancing Girl Image into this. Rename layer to Dancing Girl.
Place it as shown in the image. Duplicate the Girl Layer and name it DG Reflection.
Select Move Tool and Flip Vertical the DG Reflection layer image.
Move the DG Reflection Image down the canvas so the bottom of feet of both layers touch each other.

Select the layer Rings and Add a new layer above it.
Rename it to Wind. Using Rectangular Marquee Tool draw a rectangular selection, fill this with color#ffffff

Keeping the Wind layer selected, deselect the path and move to Filter > Stylize > Wind
Press Ctrl+F repeatedly till you get the image similar to shown below.

Now select the Move Tool and Rotate the Wind layer CCW90'

Again move to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates
Place the Wind layer as shown in the image

Change the Blending Mode of Wind Layer to Overlay and set its Opacity to 35%

Duplicate the Dancing Girl Layer.
Select the Dancing Girl Layer and from Layer Style Dialogue Box select Outer Glow.
Set the Color # 0ad1e3 and change the Outer Glow Blend Mode to Overlay

Using the Pen Tool Draw path as shown.

Create a new layer above Dancing Girl Copy layer and name it to Electric Beams
From Brush Tool (B) select Soft round 17 px brush.
Now select Direct Selection Tool (A)
Set the Foreground color to #ffffff
Right Click on the Image and select Stroke Path
Click Ok, right Click on the image select Delete Path

Double Click Electric Beam layer to open Layer Style dialogue box
Select Outer Glow
Set the color#fb0000, Spread 4, Size 38

Using the Pent Tool delete some portions of the Electric Beam Layer to give a Electric Beam swirling effect to image.

On the same layer, select Brush Tool Star 26 Pixel and make some stars close to the electric beams.
Create a new layer above the Electric Beam Layer and name it Stars
Using some more Star brushes make stars on that layer

Download Dancing People Auto Shapes
Create a new layer above Stars
Using the Auto Shapes Tool (U) select different shapes of dancing people.
Fill these with color#000000
From Layer Style dialogue box
Set the General Blending Mode to Overlay and Opacity to 25%

You Can Now Insert Text of your Own Choice and Give Effects what you like

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