Wantd Softwares: 5 Must Have Free Softwares for Windows

Bought a new computer system for yourself or had done Installation of new copy of Windows on your PC. You need some really cool and handy software to increase the productivity of your computer system.Software Wanted brings you a List of 5 Must Have Softwares to Install on your PC. The following prepared list consists of the Must Have Apps and most interesting part is All Apps Free to Download. We recommend if you don't have these installed on your computer system, you should get these and increase your productivity

5 Must Have Free Software for Windows

Picasa 3.9

Editing Images was never so easy
Picasa is one of the most used image editor available in market and interestingly free to download. This software is available in Google product portfolio. Using this image you can easily edit your images. In fact editing images in now like playing with images. This software contains several features to give you pictures different effects and applying several filters.


A very light weight and handy software to " Read, Create and edit" your pdf files. This can be called a perfect substitute for Adobe PDF Reader. Unlike Adobe PDF this provides you all facilities open, view, create and edit your pdf files. This Free App also has capability to of creating psf files from MS Word, Excel 300+ other formats.

Freemake Audio Converter

The third software in Wantd Softwares: 5 Must Have Softwares for Windows list is Freemak Audio Converter. This free software allows you to convert AAC, WMA, MP3 FLAC, OGG audio files to most popular audio formats of Mp3 players, iPhones, PSP and many more.Using this Free of cost application you can also extract audio from the different supported video files. This also allows users to join audio tracks together.

Driver Max 6

Want some driver updates? By keeping hardware driver update, performance of  computer system increases. Driver Max a perfect and handy tool that itself finds updates for your installed hardware on computer system . Once updates found, takes you to the links of updated drivers.

Unstoppable Copier

The last software in list of 5 Must Have Free Softwares for Windows is Unstoppable, do not confuse this with the Movie "Unstoppable". But this has somewhat similar features. As the name suggests Copier. This is One of the best utilities that can be really helpful for you. This can help you to copy and recover data from your damaged CDs and DVDs.

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