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Android Phones are growing like any thing, Android OS is considered to be the latest generation's popular operating system. This post addresses to our viewers who are android freaks who love to have Smart Apps on their Smart Phones. There is a collection of mind blowing and cool Apps that all android users must have to increase their productivity and smartness. Believe me all of the following recommended Apps will make your android phone experience more entertaining.
1: Dropbox "Access your files from anywhere into your phone"

There are several similar applications available in market but Dropbox is the most user friendly and simple to use and Smart application for android phone. This application allows users to bring all photos, docs and videos from any where and any computer. Once you install dropbox on your computer and upload a file on dropbox, using this app from your phone you can access that file from your computer anywhere you are.

2: CamScanner "Phone PDF Creator"

Using this application you can turn you phone's ordinary camera into a scanner. This application allows it users to create PDF files from their cameras, in a similar manner as taking any picture. With CamScanner Android users are able to digitize any paper document just by photo shooting

3: Dolphin Browser HD
  • Fast and Smart
  • Several Add-Ons to choose from
  • Smart Zooming feature that helps you to enjoy if you are using small screen device instead of notebook of tablet.
  • Supports Multi Tabs opening without crash
  • Low memory consuming 
4: Google Voice

Using this Smart App on you your Smart Android Device you can make cheap int.calls, send free of cost SMS

5: DroidAnalytics 

This is the most useful App for web-developers to analyze their pager views and traffic source to their websites. This is a completely integrated app with Google Analytic's. I suggest this is the best app to visualize Google ™ Analytics ™ data.   

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