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The Apple's IOS is not the only platform that let's its smart user to fully customize and make most out of their Smart Phones. Google's Android Operating System is the most growing and easy to use and customize OS, that allows its users to have an unbeatable experience in every field. Either its productivity, education, music or games. The Android Apps are serving the users in every aspect.
Our today's post is focused to provide a review of the 5 Most Favorite Android Games, and most importantly FREE GAMES FOR ANDROID PHONE!!!!!!!!!

5 Most Favorite Free Android Games

Racing Thunder

Racing Thunder is an enchanting tyre burning game giving the player full control over the powerful car in world. This HD game is developed by Polarbit game developers. This game is based on real world physics. Unlike other game Racing Thunder have no narrow turns and impossible overtakes. The strength of Racing Thunder is the impressive gameplay and impressive graphics precis controls.

Where's My Water

Having a look at the image may force you make your mind that its a Disney production cartoon/game. You may think this one as the childish game, not of your interest. But wait and give it a try. This is the most played mental exercise game on Android Smart Phones. Basically this Android Game is a based on Physics principles. In this App the player guides the water through different water streamlines to the Swampy's Tub. This App contains 130+ puzzle challenging levels.

Angry Birds

The Most Favorite Android Game with 1 million+ likes on android market. This game is basically covering the theme that the bird's survival is @ stake because the Piggy stole the eggs. Now birds are taking revenge and trying to get their assets back, they destroy the Piggy's forts.

Angry Birds RIO

Unlike the Angry Birds,In Angry Birds RIO it's not the Piggy that Attacked the Birds and stole their eggs. This new Angry Birds RIO completely a different story line with many new and challenging levels that keep the player addicted to game. Other than Pigs this version of game has Monkeys as the guard of the enslaved birds.

Drag Racing

Drag Racing a Free Android Game developed by Creative Mobile. As the name suggests this is a game for speed and thrill lover. This game allows player to select from the given cars such as Alfa Romero, Toyota, and Nissan. One the Car is selected Player can begin racing, if wins the player earns money and can upgrade the car. The more the wins the more will be money and the upgraded will be the car to win more races. In short this an excellent Free Android Game with enchanting graphics and awesome game play experience. 

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