Best and Free Android AntiVirus Apps

Browsing internet without any security application installed is an open invitation to Virus Threats to destroy your system, either it is you Laptop. Desktop Computer or even your Smart Phone. Virus threats are there to attack your device every time. Therefore having the Best Antivirus App on your device eliminates this security threat and makes your online browsing experience safe and completely secure. Today SoftwareWanted is focused to present you with some of the Best and Free Antivirus Apps for you Android Smart Phones.

Best and Free Android Antivirus Apps

Antivirus Free "AVG Antivirus for Android"

As having a glance at name, one can easily guess that its a free virus security application. This is one of the most downloaded application among android free Apps users. within in last 30 days it's been downloaded more than ten million times "< 10,000,000". This Application detects problematic Apps and even detects virus that may be transferred to your Android Devices through SMS. Antivirus Free doesn't make your smart phone slow, instead this App is designed to kill the irrelevant tasks that  potentially slow your smart device.

SmrtGuard Mobile Security

Tons of free Android Antivirus Apps are introduces in market every day, but SmrtGuard Mobile Security is a security application that has a n extra unusual feature. It protects you Smart Device from Virus threats but on the same time it has an ability to locate your lost Smart Device via GPS. Along its Anti-Thefe feature this also comes with some more cool features like Sim Guardian and Call Blocker... In fact calling it a single App is not right, rather it should be named as "Security Package"

Zoner AntiVirus

The Top Antivirus Application available in market is Zoner AntiVirus. This has antitheft feature. It protects your smart phones against viruses, worms, malware as well as trojans. This free Android Antivirus also protects your calls and sms.

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