Send Free SMS to Mobilink from any corner of World

Sending free SMS from any where to Pakistan was a dream that came true through Google-Mobilink new service.
Recently Google and Mobilink joined hands with intentions to provide their customers a service. Pioneers of Mobile Phone service introduced a new kind of service never introduced before in Pakistan. Free SMS service to Mobilink number from anywhere in world.
Astonished? Yes! Its true, one can send free SMS to any mobilink number from anywhere in world using one's Gmail account.

Gmail to Mobilink free SMS

Login to your gmail account and on left side in Send SMS box you need to enter your desired mobilink number as shown in the image above.

  • After that a popup window will be opened asking you to enter Recipient Name.
  • By default Pakistan will be mentioned in Country box, If not please Select your country as Pakistan.
  • Select Mobile in the box as mentioned in the image above.
  • Click Save
  • Once you are done with the above step. A new window will be opened at right lower side of you desktop. Stat sending SMS to that Mobilink user.
  • Once you have saved the number, it'll be saved in your contact list. Next time you just need to Click on the Name to start Sending Free SMS.
  • Gmail users can send free SMS to Mobilink users limited to 50 SMSs. 
  • The more they get the replies to their SMS the more will be their limit to send SMS.

Mobilink to Gmail SMS

Mobilink users can reply back to the same sms at price Rs. 1+Tax.
Mobilink users can reply back to sender in 24hours time period.

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