Use Flash Drive as RAM to Speed-up your Computer System

Computers are used to speed up the daily tasks and remove the work load. The most irritating thing happens when the computer system slows down and you are not able to perform your work quickly. This problem can have many causes like Fragmented files on your system, Virus Attacks, Mal-ware and  other unwanted destructive files on your system. The other main reason of your computer system to slow down is availability of RAM “Random Access Memory”. In simple words the working memory of your Computer System. The lesser the availability of RAM to your Computer Tasks, the slower will be the processing. Windows 7 Ready Boost property allows Universal Serial Bus (USB) Flash Drive to help Cache Memory. Using USB drive as RAM will increase the productivity of your computer system and Hard Drive installed onto your system. A lot of Windows users know about this, but there is a great deal of users who don’t know about this technique/option of Windows that ReadyBoost feature of Windows Operating System can help Speed Up your computer system just by using your Flash Drive as RAM.

How to Speed-Up PC, Using USB Flash Drive as RAM

The minimum recommended space of USB for this purpose is 2GB but 1GB also works well but not as effective as 2GB or greater Space USB Drives.
Plug-In your USB Flash Drive into the USB Port.
From AutoPlay dialogue Box Select Speed-Up My System
If autoplay has been disabled. Open properties of USB and select ReadyBoost Tab.
If you find this message “This device can not be used for ReadyBoost”. There is nothing wrong with your USB Device. There must be some other issue.
You should be viewing the following widow if your device can be used for ReadyBoost. Select Use This Device. Move the Space Knob to the maximum, so that you can avail the Maximum RAM availability out of you USB Flash Drive. Click OK

 You might not be noticing the difference on the first go. But the more you use your use for ReadyBoost, the more will be the increasing speed.

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