How to Disable Facebook Timeline Easily

Facebook timeline is hated by many of current Facebook Users. The new Facebook Timeline has nothing beautiful else the Cover Photo and Profile Pic combination. In fact I hate the new Facebook Timeline view. The older version of Facebook Profile view was more neat and sophisticate than this Timeline. There were lot of voices against this Facebook Timeline but nothing have been changed. It look that Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook doesn't care what you think.
Earlier I have written posts about Facebook Timeline Cover Photo Manipulation. My posts varied from Unique Facebook Cover Photo Ideas to Cute Facebook Cover Photos. I also have designed a Photoshop Template to Design Best and Unique Facebook Cover Photos.
My today's post is for those who want don't like Facebook Timeline Profile View. In my today's post at Software Wanted I am writing about How to Disable Facebook Timeline Profile View and Return to Older Version. I am sharing three ways using which you can revert back to your old Facebook Profile view, disabling the new Timeline Profile View.

How to Disable Facebook Timeline Profile View

Timeline Remove Add-on

The most easiest way to get rid of the unwanted Facebook Timeline is to install Timeline Remove Add-On / Extension onto your Web Browser. This Timeline Remove Add-On is available for the most famous and popular web browsers like, Firefox, Microsoft IE, Google Chrome. Developers are working on Add-On compatible to Safari. We are expecting them to release its Safari Compatible version soon.
All that you need to do is Download Timeline Remove for your browser, Install it and refresh your Facebook pages.

Facebook Timeline Remover for Google Chrome

This is a Google Chrome extension and works only with Google Chrome Web Browser. This is also easy to install but I prefer using first method of Facebook Timeline Removal. You need to Install this on to your Google Chrome Browser, refresh your Facebook Pages, your Timeline Profile will be gone. You will be reverted to old version of your Facebook Profile View. Using this Chrome Extension you can get back to your Timeline View any time you want by just clicking the button as shown in the image below.

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