Wanted Tips: Hide Hard Disk Partitions in Windows Without Any Software

You might have important file and documents in your hard drive, and you want to protect these from the unauthorized access. There are two ways using which you can block the unauthorized access from your important files and documents. You can lock them using some file lock utility, and the other way is to move all those files in a single partition and just hide the partition so that know one could ever guess about your files.
Here is a little trick that I’m sure most of the users are not aware of.

Go to Start > Run > Type diskpart
A dos window will appear with following prompt.
At that screen, type list volume
This will list down the number of drives in your system and should look like this:

Now say for example you want to hide drive E then you need to type:
select volume 3
(number 3 represents Drive F on my Hard Drive) and hit enter.
A message will appear:  {Volume 3 is the selected volume}
Now type:
remove letter F
A message will appear: {Diskpart Removed the Drive letter}
Your Hard Drive will be hidden now, if it is not hidden don't worry it requires a system reboot to vanish the drive from my computer.

You might be thinking that your hard drive has been removed, but there is nothing to be worried, its just vanished. You easily can revert the changes ans can get it back
To revert changes, repeat the process. but in 4th step replace “remove” with “assign
Means type: assign letter F
Your drive will reappear.

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