How to Increase Battery Timing of Android Phones

Using Smart Phone without Smart Apps is under usage of any Smart Phone. This is like insulting the capabilities of your Smart Phone. Smart Phones are designed to make life more easier and productive. There are thousands of Smart Apps available in market. All of these are helpful in one or another way and playing their designed role. Bust one problem that most of the Smart Phones face is fast drainage of Battery. Using Smart Apps makes the life easier and performs tasks efficiently but may of the Smart Apps kill the battery timing of your Android Smart Phones. Which is the most irritating and highly unwanted thing that most of the Smart Phone Users have to face.
Keeping this thing in view today at Software Wanted we are sharing a battery saver for your Smart Phones. This automatically saves the battery power of your Smart Phones and increases the battery timing to Keep your Android Device Smart enough to perform your desired Smart Tasks.

How to Increase Battery Timing of Android Smart Phones

Advanced Task Killer PRO, the best battery saver for Android Phones. This is the Best App ever developed for the increased productivity of your Smart Phones. This not only save the battery but also makes the memory free of unwanted Apps activated. By killing the unused Apps from the background this Smart App saves the background usage of Batter as well as this make the memory free and increases the processing speed of Smart Phones.
Actually Advanced Task Killer is available on Android Market (former), Google Play (now) for $4.99. As Software Wanted is dedicated to provide you the Free Apps, even the premium version. We keep on searching for such useful Premium Apps that are available for free Download. This $4.99 Premium Android App "Advanced Task Killer (ATK) PRO" is available for Free Download Here. We suggest the ATK PRO Smart App users to Set the kill time manually instead of making it automatically. Here is another Download Link Available for ATK PRO.

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