Top 3 Music Apps for Android Smart Phones

Android Operating System is being popular day by day and attracting a lot of old fashioned Symbian and other user OS users to itself. Google is continuously putting in efforts to improve their Android OS to capture more and more market. Following this increasing popularity if Google Android Operating System, Android Developers are also in the run to flourish their Apps and business of course. Android phones are not just phones, but they are known as Smart Phones.
Today at Software Wanted we are sharing some of the Best Music Apps for Android Smart Phones. These Apps Turn Your Smart Phone into Smart Music Box you can carry wherever you go. This below sorted list of Best Music Apps have following characteristics in common.
  • Easy to use
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Good Navigation Features

5 Best Android Apps for Music Lovers

Real Player Beta

The first App on our list of Best Android Apps for Music Addicts is the Real Player Beta. This is not only a Music Player, but includes a lot of other features also. Having this App on your Android Smart Device makes use less some other Apps that are not smart as Reap Player Beta is. As, the Default Music Player, Gallery App and also the third party download manager also. Real Player Beta is Smart enough that it lets the Smart Phone Users to view photos, watch videos, listen to audio songs "in background" means you can listen songs by minimizing the Real Player Beta App. This is also a Download manager and has plugin that lets you to download videos from online streaming sites directly to your device.

Poweramp Music Player


Poweramp Music Player is developed by MAX MP the top developers. As the name suggests this is a power amp Android Music App, this amplifies the voice level and makes the output sound louder than otherwise. This Android Music App has a Sleek and Stylish but Easy ti Use Interface. The App's graphic user interface is so simple that a baby can also use it easily. The Equalizers and its look make this Android App one of the BEST MUSIC APPS EVER.
This is a 14 days Trail Version, you can buy this App to use its full features for $4.98. But you can get the Power Amp Music Player Full Version Unlocker "Paid Version" for FREE. Remember this is just an unlocker, for this you first need to Download the Power Amp Trail Version, then visit the above provided link to download the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker.


The Software that has dominated the PC world earlier and kept ruling that for a long time. This has now moved toward the Android Platform to dominate that Android Music Apps. The most powerful and best Music App in the market is Winamp, also know as the Ultimate Music Machine among users.

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