Top 5 "Best & Free" Audio Video converters

Downloaded your favorite audio/video on your computer system, but its not compatible to your handheld devices. That's why mostly we need Audio Video Converters to convert from one to another format.In fact Audio Video conversion has become one of the most frequent tasks of our daily routine because all devices support only some audio video formats.
As there are several Audio/Video converters available in market but all of those are not enough good to perform our desired tasks. So, question comes which Audio/Video Converter to get? Being a Free Software Provider, Software Wanted has compiled a list of Top 5 "Best and Free" Audio Video Converters.

Top 5 "Best and Free" Audio Video Converters

Oxelon Media Converter

Oxelon Media Converter is a free and easy to use Audio/Video converter that lets you to convert any of your favorite Audio/Video into any other format you want. The great feature of this free Audio/Video Converter is it assimilation with Windows OS. What it  means, it means that you don't need to open the Oxelon Media Converter and drag&drop your Audio/Video file to it, but it also facilitates you that you just need to right click on your Audio/Video file to be converted and select Oxelon Convert to Audio or Oxelon Convert to Video. In fact this is all in one software that converts in several different formats, Audio to Audio Conversion, Video to Video Conversion and Extracts Audio from Video. Yes! It also facilitates you the extraction of Audio from any supported Video format. 

Wisoft Free Video Converter

Looking at its name, you must be thinking it as only Video Converter, but surprisingly its not just a Video Converter but it also has ability to Rip Audios from Videos and interestingly Its FREE!. It also converts your Video into an Image, Surprised? It converts your Video to an animated image "gif format".

Format Factory

The name Format Factory is replicating the nature of this Converter Tool. It does not only supports Audio to Audio Conversion, Video to Video Conversion and Extraction of Audio from Video but this Free Conversion Tool also supports Image Conversion.
It supports following facilities


Pazera Video Converters Suite 1.4

This is not a single software, In face this is a bundle that contains several Portable Video Converters. It allows you to convert from almost All Video formats to any of your desired video Formats, like FLV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MPEG and many more. Its easy to use interface and almost all supported formats make this software a Must Have Video Converter Suit. 

Miro Video Converter

Miro Video Converter is 100% free and open source Video Converter. That facilitated you to convert almost Video of any format to vp8, MP4 for your iPhones or Android Phones. This is a simple and and easy to use Free Video Converter with user friendly interface. 

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