Design Stylish Web Buttons PSD Tutorial

Design Stylish Button in Photoshop: Part 2
Now Select Gradient Overlay
Click the Gradient Color Box to Open Gradient Editor
Double Click Left Color Stop and Set the Color to #1b1a1a
Double Click Right Color Stop and Set the Color to #555252
Click OK on Gradient Editor and OK on Layer Style Dialogue Box
Your Image should be Similar to the Following
Create a New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+N)
Rename it to Glow
Select Rounded Rectangle Tool and Draw the Rectangle on layer Glow with Radius 5, as shown in following image
Fill this rectangle with White Color (#ffffff)
Double Click layer Glow
Select Gradient Overlay
Set Left Color Stop to #383636
Set Right Color Stop to #cbc9c9
Your image should be similar to the following, we are assuming you to follow us step by step
Select Custom Shape Tool
Select any Image you want. In our case we are using Double Down Arrow
Create New Layer Above Glow and Name it to Down Arrow
Draw the selected Auto Shape on this layer. The Image should be similar to the below.
Move to Path Palate and Click Load Path as Selection button. As we did in steps above
Fill the selected path with color #343131
 Now Lets Add Some Text
Now Select Horizontal Text Tool (T)
Add Text Layer Above layer "Down Arrow"
Set the Font Family to Arial / Regularz
Set Text Size to 20pt
 Type text of your Choice. In our case, its Download File
Set the Download Text Color to #ffffff and File Color to #eedb05
The Normal State of button is ready and it should look like the image below.
Right Click on Text Layer and select Rasetrize Type.
Now Select All layers and Right Click and Select Merge Layers.
Select Move Tool (V)
You Image is similar to the image below.

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