10 Most Beautiful and Creative USB Designs

Universal Serial Bus! Surprised? Yes the Storage Device almost we all have and familiar to, is know by the name USB, originally called Universal Serial Bus. Some of us name it Pen Drive, some say a Memory Stick or Flash Drive some just name it USB. Whatever name is being used but it made our life a lot easier and less problematic. This 1-2 inch gadget can save Data in MB,s. Well the MB's days are gone, now they come in GB's or TB's (Tera Bytes). These tiny devices can store any of your data varying from Files, Folders, Movies, Songs, Photos, Softwares, Portable Softwares, if fact any thing can be saved on these, You Just Name It.
If you are planning to buy yourself a new USB, probably you might never consider what its design should be. But believe me, there are a lot of beautiful and unique USB design available in Market. if you are buying a new USB, why not to go for a Unique Design. Today Software Wanted is not sharing any Software Review or any Photoshop Tutorial. Today we are sharing some of the most Beautiful and Unique USB designs. The basic idea is to replace the old fashioned conventional designed USB Sticks with some of the Latest Designs.

We are sharing the links, from where you can Shop these Cool and Creative Flash Drives Online. 

Beautiful and Creative USB Designs

4GB 999.9 "Pure" Gold Bar USB Flash Pen Drive

2GB Machine Gun Ammo USB Flash Pen Drive

 Surgeon USB Drive

8GB Jewel Heart Lock Necklace Flash Pen Drive


 2GB USB Metal Bullet Shaped Flash Pen Drive

2GB Bulb Flash Drive

Swiss Army Knife USB Flash Pen Drive - SWISS-PENDRIVE

2GB Ice-Cream Shaped Flash Pen Drive USB Drive

2GB Penguin Shaped Flash Pen Drive USB Drive

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