How to Remove BIOS Password

Most of the computer users think BIOS Password as the unbreakable one. But there are many of the utilities which can be used to easily Break or Remove the BIOS Password within no time. Earlier at Software Wanted platform we shared a Free Software to Remove BIOS Password

Now we are sharing another way to Remove BIOS Password. This is a small hardware based trick. This trick has nothing to do with your software. You don't even need to switch on your computer system during the BIOS Password removal process.

Best Way to Remove BIOS Password

If we say it a single line solution, we won’t be wrong. Yes! Removing the BIOS password is too easy that even a baby can do it. Removing the Motherboard battery and putting it back after 30 minutes is the way to Remove BIOS Password. 

It is possibility that many of you don't know how to remove motherboard's battery. For them we'll explain it in easiest way.
First of all remove the Power Source/Cable from CPU. This is safety precaution so that Power Source might not become reason for any unwanted accident. Now remove the CPU case, you can see the big board having Fan mounted on it, and many electric circuits drawn on it. This is the Motherboard. Now look for the battery on your motherboard. Remove the battery with gentle touch. Do not try to apply more force, be gentle and remove it slowly, so that you might remove any other jumper or break the flow of electric circuit lines. 
Wait for 30 minutes approximately and place back Battery as it was, on the place from where you removed it.
Put the side case of CPU on its place and tighten the screws. 
Connect the Power Plug and Switch on your computer system. There your are..BIOS Password is now removed. 
Basically what we have done is called resetting to Default, or Restore Factory Settings.

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