Best 3 Paid Android Apps $30: Available for Free Download

Smart Phones are in now a days. In fact smart phones have become an essential part of our daily life, because using smart phones we can easily do a lot of productive work right from our phones. Now a days a phone is not only to make or receive calls and messages, but they are turning into our personal secretary in fact. They remind us for our work, manage our work schedules.
One of the best Smart Phone Operating System is Google's Android OS. Tons of free and amazingly productive Apps are available in Google's Android Market "Google Play". There is one problem that all the amazing Apps that we want or require are not free. Their free but limited "Trail Versions"are available but if we want to use them to full extent, wee need to buy these. As its an old saying Nothing Comes Free. 
What if we can find the Best Paid Android App for Free, Yes we can have them for free. Software Wanted has compiled a list of Best 3 Paid Android Apps Available for Free Download.

Best 3 Paid Android Apps: Free to Download

Phone My PC

Phone My PC is a Smart App that allows you to fully control your PC right from your Android Device. Control You Computer System Remotely using any network, 3G, 4G or WiFi. Wherever you are, you just need an internet connection and you easily can access your PC. No configuration are required.This $14.99 paid application is available for Free Download Here

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

Poweramp is a powerful music player for your Android Devices. If you already have a Poweramp Trail version, just download this and install it, this will remove the limitation period from your Poweramp Trail Version. This is a $4.98 Android Application that is available for free Download here


This is the advanced handwriting recognition software, that recognizes 4 different languages. This allows Smart Users to write instead on screen typing. WritePad is almost compatible with almost all Android Devices and best works with Pen-Enabled Android Devices like Samsung Galaxy Note etc. This is a $9.99 Android Application that is available for Free Download Here 

Here is another list of available Paid Android Apps for Free Download

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