Top 3 Softwares to Download YouTube Videos

Youtube is considered as a new world on internet. The most popular and most visited website in internet world. This is the platform where you can find videos on any topic you can think of, Education, Tutorials, Software Tutorials. Photoshop Tutorials, Full Length Movies, Songs, Dramas. In short any sort of video you want, you can find it on YouTube.
The major problem with YouTube is it does not allows you to download its Videos directly from their page. To download YouTube Videos there are some solutions on internet, using plugins, third party software any one can download videos, movies, tutorials etc. Software Wanted brings you the Top 3 Free YouTube Downloaders using which you can easily Download YouTube Videos for FREE

Top 3 Free YouTube Downloaders

1: YouTube Mate

YouTube Mate is the most powerful tool available on planet. Using YouTube Mate you can easily Download, Convert, Manage and Play your favorite videos. All these facilities are just One Click result. Means This software allows you to download your favorite videos in any format you want to, and has ability to extract Audio from YouTube Videos.

2: uSeesoft Free YouTube Downloader

uSeesoft Free YouTube downloader a free tool available in market to download YouTube Videos of your own choice. This software provides you the easiest way of Playing, Downloading and Saving YouTube Videos. The interesting part is it is free to download and easy to use software. All that you need is to provide the URL of the Video you want to download, mention the destination folder where yo want the file o be downloaded and press the button Download. There you go! Your desired video will be downloaded within no time "Depending on you Internet Connection"

3: Free YouTube Download

A handy tool to download free YouTube videos is "Free YouTube Download". This free Windows App allows users to download any video from YouTube in its original Quality and format or using the same Free YouTube Downloader users can easily convert their desired videos to any format like AVI, WMV, MP4 or many more. The Free YouTube Download is completely free of adware or any spyware. This is a safe to use and handy tool.

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