Best Computer Magazine "What Laptop-May 2012 Edition"

What Laptop, The leading Magazine of Computing World that contains reviews of latest Laptops, Smartphones and Notebooks. This magazine was launched back in 1999. 
This magazine is focused to provide the independent and unbiased review reports of latest computers, laptops, notebooks and Smart Phones in market. Offering the unbiased and independent tech reviews on Computers and Mobiles, this is only Magazine in UK.
"Whatever your laptop needs, we've got you covered."; says Alex Bentley, Editor
Using their own dedicated labs, they test, review ad rate every Laptop and Notebook and other Smart Devices available in UK. In result user get satisfied that the reviews are the most detailed and independent of magazine.
The biggest advantage this mag gives to readers is independent testing result for 3 basic user categories Budget, medium, and high end for extreme users. and every person loves to know the best deal for his/her requirements.
This month's Top Stories"
  • New IPAD reviewed
  • New Ultra Light Books for travelers
  • Best biginner Smartphones
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Farhan Tahir
Farhan Tahir

Muhammad Farhan Tahir from Faisalabad Pakistan. Recently completed my BS degree in Environmental Sciences and now going to MS. Computer and internet is my hobby and I want up to date information in IT world so it gives me idea about creating this blog so that I will provide my knowledge to other people.

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