Wanted Softwares: Organize your Desktop with Fences "freeware"

Are you one of the users who like to keep most of their useful and important files right on their desktops. If you are one of them then you will are definitely aware of how hard it is sometimes to manage these scattered files on a small desktop just for the sake of quick launch accessibility.
With Fences you don’t have to worry about managing the population of icons on your desktop anymore.
Fences is a very handy small but extremely useful application that allows you to arrange the icons in categories without creating folders. It’s a freeware which actually hides your icons when they are not in use. It allows you to create shaded areas on your desktop that you can place icons in. You can label them however you wish, and move/re-size them anywhere on the desktop.
These shaded areas or ‘fences’ on your desktop are simply sizable containers for your icons which are movable. Just Double click blank spaces on your desktop and all your fences will fade out, and come back.

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Faheem Mustafa

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