Wanted Tips: You Can Turn ON your PC with a Double-Click of Mouse

If you have ATX Main Board, ATX case Award Bios, or any Bios that supports “PS/2 Mouse Power On”, then you can POWER ON your computer with a double click of the mouse.
To activate this feature:
1. Start your computer.
2. Press the key which opens your BIOS Screen (usually “Delete” or “F2″ keys)
3. When the BIOS message appears to enter your CMOS configuration.
4. Select Integrated Peripherals from main menu
5. If PS/2 mouse power on DISABLED, activate it by press page up/ page down key it will became “Double-Click
6. Press “Esc” key to exit
7. Press F10 to save and exit.
8. Turn off your PC.
9. Now double-click the left mouse button…. Your PC will turn ON !!

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Faheem Mustafa

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