Wanted News: I got a 30,000+ Job Offer "Must Read Post"

Today I got a job offer at my email ID, the job for which i haven't applied, I tried to ignore that but the salary offered and the fringe benefits really were too good to be true….
Here is the email that i received from amirmalik@gmail.com
Dear Job Applicant
It is to inform you that after receiving your resume, your name has been selected by our company on following parameters:
Company Name: SingTel (One of the largest telecom Singapore Company now introducing their business centers in Pakistan)
You will be evaluated by face-to-face interview and a very simple written test. Your salary range will be Rs. 30,000 plus. This means you can be hired on a very good salary which all depends upon your performance in evaluation step. SingTel cares about their employees. We not only welcome you with good salary but we also provide you a competitive working environment. We offer different benefits like pick n drop, insurance, medical and provident fund etc.
To register you for test/interview and to know your test/ interview venue please contact on below given numbers:
With best Regards
Human Resource Department.
03244845001(for registration call timings 9am to 4pm)
03244845006(for registration call timings 9am to 4pm)
Note: Deadline for registration of test/interview: 11th March 2011

Scammers pose as representative of SingTel of Singapore (a cellular company), and calls young professionals offering them very catchy jobs with hefty salaries. They pose as if SingTel is going to start telecom services in Pakistan, and company is large scale hiring the workforce.
When you confirm via email or call, and provide them with details – they ask for Pay Order of Rs. 900/- (amount may vary from person to person) as Guarantee that you will not skip the test.
This is not un-expected as evil minded people will keep exploring new ideas to trap the innocents. Government should run awareness campaigns, for good, so that everyone is aware of such scams (and upcoming scams)
There is an important thing to note that scammers offer jobs as per location and areas of expertise of young people. For instance, if you have done ACCA and you live in Lahore, then interview email will offer you Accountant’s job based in Lahore. This shows that database of any of job portal is either compromised or website itself is involved in the scam.

1. First I never applied to any such position whatsoever.
2. Singtel at present is not running any operations in pakistan except sharing network with warid.
3. The salary and benefits are too good to be true for a fresh Grad like me.
4.The E-mail says The Hr Department has sent me an email and the mail is coming from a gmail account.
5. HR department of even Pan shop wont give their mobile number for contact.
Hope it Help you out……..
So friends be aware specially Fresh Grads…….

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