Wanted Tips: How to Search Specific FileTyps in Google

Google is one of the most used search engines on internet. It has a lot of interesting features for web search which make Google the King of Search World  Using Google advanced search options you can be able to customize your search results and filer them according to your need such as language, location, file size, creation date and file type.
The most common mistake that people make while searching on google is the specific file type search format. Mostly people type:
example: Power Point Slides of Micro Bloging
Searching like this is not proper format
 Here I'll tell you that how you can search for your specific file formats on GOOGLE.
All you need is to type:
filetype: [fileformat] <space> [your search query]
Like for example you’re looking for powerpoint presentations on “Microblogging”, you will type this:
filetype:ppt Microblogging

For pdf file format with same name, you need to type:
filetype:pdf Microblogging

This works for most of the popular file formats, you can search for pdf, doc, xls, zip, all audio video and image file formats and many more.

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Faheem Mustafa

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